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By | November 3, 2022

Video: Open Source Enabled Power Grid Management Architecture – Lucian Balea & Benoît Jeanson, RTE

Since the launch of the Linux Foundation Energy, an ecosystem of industrial projects has been growing. From isolated projects held by isolated companies, a set of connected solutions is now emerging for some fields. In particular for the grid management, it is now possible to draw a fully connected net of open source tools from the inner of the power grid substation to the control room, from the configuration of real time devices to operational decision making supports. This presentation from Open Source Summit Europe 2022 shows a journey through this architecture of real industrial-grade projects that is currently being implemented at RTE, the power transmission system operator in France, to enable the adaptation of core-business operational processes to the energy transition. It also presents how open source communities in other domains (edge, cloud-native, virtualization, embedded and real-time Linux) allowed the stunning rise of this wide range of solutions in only a few years. This journey is also evidence of how open source could be leveraged within a specific industry vertical to boost innovation.