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In Memoriam - Dr. Shuli Goodman

This past week, the Linux Foundation lost a dear friend, colleague, and true champion of the open source and energy community. With a heavy heart we share the news that LF Energy founder and executive director Shuli Goodman passed away from cancer on the 3rd of January. Shuli will be fondly remembered and sorely missed by all in our community, most especially by her wife Karen, her son Dakota, her soul-sister Lucy, and the many young people whom she helped nurture and grow. Our hearts go out to them at this difficult time.

From its inception, Shuli worked tirelessly to build LF Energy into the thriving community it is today. Even throughout her illness, Shuli remained deeply committed to seeing the mission of LF Energy through. She was a well respected leader and colleague, and those who had the honor of working closely with her will remember her unwavering passion to achieve urgent decarbonization targets through open source.

Throughout her successful career, Shuli was admired by all who knew her. She was especially proud of the community she founded and grew, and appreciative of the team members across the Linux Foundation and LF Energy who supported her in her mission.

In Shuli’s memory, the Linux Foundation remains fully committed to the ongoing success of LF Energy as a community, recognizing its critical role for the future of our planet. With the support of Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin, General Manager and SVP of Projects Mike Dolan, and the dedicated LF Energy team, we will continue to advocate for the advancement of energy sector digitalization through the implementation of open source technologies, and encourage stakeholders at all levels to join us in this impactful work.

Sharing Memories

Our thoughts and prayers remain with Shuli’s family at this difficult time. If you would like to leave a memorial message for Shuli, please submit a pull request on GitHub here. Her family would love to hear stories that reflect Shuli’s life and mission to achieve decarbonization targets through open source.

Memorial Donation

Should you wish to make a donation in support of the green energy revolution in Shuli’s memory, please do so here.