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Training & Certification

Free resources to learn best practices for participating in and contributing to open source communities.

Many contributors who are new to open source are unfamiliar with the best practices to ensure you are participating in the community in an efficient, effective, and collaborative manner. This could include understanding the basics of Git, ensuring license compliance, and interacting with the community. Those working with utilities or other energy industry stakeholders may not have much experience with a collaborative development model, but thankfully the Linux Foundation offers a range of free resources to help.

Where to start?

The TODO Group is an open community of practitioners who aim to create and share knowledge, collaborate on practices, tools, and other ways to run a successful and effective Open Source Program Office (OSPO) or similar open source initiatives. A great place for anyone new to the open source community to start learning about the history and best practices is the TODO Group OSPO 101 Course. This GitHub repository offers a written overview of open source basics including compliance, copyright, licensing, development practices, business strategy and more. It also includes significant details on how to build an OSPO, which likely is not relevant for newbies but may be for certain audiences. The course is a great resource to bookmark as it contains answers to commonly asked questions for those new to open source development models, which are easy to reference anytime.

TODO also offers a variety of other guides and resources, including a Maturity Model, a set of Guides, a Mind Map, a 101 Course, Annual Surveys, as well as Case Studies, to help organizations advance in their OSPO journey. These OSPO resources are developed by the TODO Group in collaboration with The Linux Foundation and the larger open source community.

LF Energy-specific training

Read our Why Open Source for Energy one-pager for a general overview.

LF Energy also hosts a variety of educational videos on our YouTube Channel, including tutorials, webinars, session recordings from live events, interviews with members and more.

Formal open source training

For those who want to go more in depth or just have a more structured format for learning open source best practices, Linux Foundation Training & Certification offers a wide range of completely free, online training courses that can be completed at ones own pace. The best place to start is by looking at the Open Source Best Practices section of the website. Free offerings include:

Recommended open source curriculum

Our recommended curriculum for developers and other energy industry stakeholders looking to participate in open source follows, broken out by role:

Everyone including development teams and business executives who touch open source should complete the following:

Developers should also complete:

Managers should also complete:

Everyone should bookmark the TODO Group OSPO 101 repo as a resource.
Additional resources around getting started with open source can be found in this presentation.