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When we use a lot of renewable energy, flexibility is becoming crucial and valuable, e.g. for demand response. FlexMeasures is the intelligent & developer-friendly EMS to support real-time energy flexibility apps, rapidly and scalable.

FlexMeasures is a real-time decision support platform (project operation), but also highly effective as a simulation tool (project design).

The problem it helps to solve is:

What are the best times to run flexible assets, like batteries, heat pumps or industry processes?

In a nutshell, FlexMeasures turns data into optimized schedules for flexible assets:

Why? Planning ahead allows flexible assets to serve the whole system with their flexibility, e.g. by shifting energy consumption to other times. For the asset owners, this creates CO₂ savings but also monetary value (e.g. through self-consumption, dynamic tariffs and grid incentives).

Developing apps & services around energy flexibility is expensive work. FlexMeasures is designed to be developer-friendly, which helps you to go to market quickly, while keeping the costs of software development at bay. FlexMeasures supports:

  • Real-time data integration & intelligence
  • Model data well ― units, time resolution & uncertainty (of forecasts)
  • Faster app-building (API/UI/CLI, plugin & multi-tenancy support)

As for use cases, here are a few relevant areas in which FlexMeasures can help you:

  • E-mobility (smart EV charging, V2G, V2H)
  • Heating (heat pump control)
  • Industry (best running times for processes with buffering capacity)

You decide what to optimize for ― prices, CO₂, peaks.

It becomes even more interesting to use FlexMeasures in integrated scenarios with increased complexity. For example, in modern domestic/office settings in the built environment which combine solar panels, electric heating and EV charging, in industry settings that optimize for self-consumption of local solar panels, or when consumers can engage with multiple markets simultaneously.
In these cases, our goal is that FlexMeasures helps you to achieve “value stacking”, which is often required to achieve a positive business case. Multiple sources of value can combine with multiple types of assets.

As possible users, we see energy service companies (ESCos) who want to build real-time apps & services around energy flexibility for their customers, or medium/large industrials who are looking for support in their internal digital tooling. However, even small companies and hobby projects might find FlexMeasures useful! We are constantly improving the ease of use.

FlexMeasures can be used as your EMS, but it can also integrate with existing systems as a smart backend, or as an add-on to deal with energy flexibility specifically.