The Super Advanced Meter is an open source specification project focusing on a widely applicable smart meter data gateway. It aims at the central device that is installed with almost every energy consumer and thereby serves as the edge device to provide services to customers world-wide. The SAM distinguishes itself by adhering to open interfaces, modularity and customer empowerment.

The SAM specification consortium aims to create a worldwide applicable meter and respective data gateway specification that focuses on basic metering functionality, country-specific functionality, third party functionality and integration capability for system operation applications. These standards and requirements should boost the development of the meter as a reliable virtual node in the energy grid, enabling the energy transition and supporting new business models.

The meter design is capable of measuring electricity. It further is capable of interfacing with gas, water and heat meters; and communicating dynamic pricing and greenhouse gas emission data on premise. Also of importance is that users, who are being measured, have control over their own data. The design further supports outside communication, both for meteorological data as well as third party data communication. This limits the interface scope and any WAN (wide area network) service thereafter is excluded from the SAM scope.

A special focus is put on the gateway, which is the smart part and provides the functionality to connect to the respective meters and enable communication towards LAN and WAN as well as translation between them via current and future standards. Besides measurements and connectivities, the smart gateway will enable edge computation to manage, optimize, and control energy resources and network devices for reliable and resilient operation of highly decarbonized and electrified power systems.

The SAM project has passed the initiation phase and is actively rolling forward. We are open to new members from world-wide who are interested in creating an open eco-system centered around the Super Advanced Meter. Offering DSO, TSO, Supplier/ Retailers and third parties to engage with the customer and provide services based on energy data, while the customer remains the owner over his data.

The main stakeholders are Utilidata, heading the Use-Case Working Group and Alliander, heading the overall project.

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