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By | June 18, 2024

Open EV Charging Summit Recap and Video: Unlocking the Future of EV Charging: Insights from Texas Instruments

The Open EV Charging Summit was privileged to have a presentation by Keith Ogboenyiya, Senior VP of Marketing at Texas Instruments (TI), shedding light on the pivotal role of semiconductor technology in shaping the future of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure (video follows below).

In his address, Ogboenyiya extended a warm welcome to all attendees, expressing gratitude for their participation in this brand new event. He underscored TI’s commitment to fostering innovation through open source collaboration and sustainable manufacturing practices, as well as TI’s pledge to transition to 100% renewable electricity by 2027 in the US and globally by 2030.

The presentation delved into TI’s core business as a semiconductor company specializing in analog and embedded semiconductors. Ogboenyiya emphasized the company’s strategic focus on two major analog businesses: power and signal chain, along with a robust processing business catering to a spectrum of needs from microcontrollers to high-end processors.

A central theme of the presentation was the critical role of semiconductor technology in addressing the burgeoning demands of EV charging infrastructure. Ogboenyiya highlighted key areas of focus, including high-voltage power conversion, current and voltage sensing, edge processing, communication, and battery management. These technological advancements are essential for enhancing efficiency, power density, and longevity in EV charging systems.

Furthermore, Ogboenyiya outlined emerging trends in EV charging infrastructure, such as the adoption of higher battery voltages, bidirectional power capabilities, and compliance with industry standards like ISO 15118. The integration of Linux and open source protocols was identified as a pivotal component, driving innovation and enabling seamless connectivity in EV charging networks.

TI’s collaborative approach with industry partners, including the Linux Foundation and fellow summit participants, was highlighted as instrumental in advancing open source, industry-standard software and intuitive development tools for the EV charging ecosystem. By leveraging collective expertise and resources, TI aims to empower stakeholders to navigate the evolving landscape of EV charging technology effectively.