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By | May 4, 2023

The Redesigned is Now Live!

LF Energy, the open source foundation focused on harnessing the power of collaborative software and hardware technologies to decarbonize our global economies, has launched a new and improved website at

The new site features improved layout and navigation. Pages featuring each individual open source project hosted at LF Energy have been revamped with additional resources. New sections of the site were also added to host real world case studies and in-depth research reports. 

The site will improve LF Energy’s ability to communicate to both our existing community as well as those interested in learning more about how open source can drive digital transformation in energy systems in pursuit of decarbonization. The structure and content was designed to appeal to a variety of stakeholders, including existing and potential members, existing and potential LF Energy-hosted projects, utility employees, developers, researchers, and others involved in energy systems. 

We encourage you to explore the new site!

The launch comes ahead of several important events for the LF Energy community, which will bring stakeholders together to collaborate and share best practice. The new website will help spread the word about these events, as well as provide a home for learning resources post-event:

  • SustainabilityCon at Open Source Summit – May 10-12, Vancouver, Canada
    • Join the community of developers, technologists, sustainability leaders and anyone working on technological solutions to decarbonize the global economy, mitigate and address the impacts of climate change, and build a more sustainable future. SustainabilityCon provides a forum to drive open source innovation in energy efficiency and interoperability and clean development practices within industries ranging from manufacturing to agriculture and beyond through collaboration and learning within the community.
  • LF Energy Summit – June 1-2, Paris, France
    • The only way to meet decarbonization targets and prevent the worst impacts of climate change is to work collaboratively to develop new technologies to ensure the rapid onboarding of clean energy resources, deployment of electrification infrastructure, load balancing, and interoperability. LF Energy Summit will gather members of the LF Energy community including foundation members, developers, end users and other energy industry stakeholders to learn how LF Energy and its projects are leading the charge in this effort, and to collaborate and share best practices to speed innovation.
  • LF Energy Embedded Summit at Embedded Open Source Summit – June 30, Prague, Czechia
    • All new for 2023, LF Energy Embedded Summit will gather embedded developers with stakeholders from the energy sector for a discussion of how IoT and other hardware can accelerate the energy transition and drive decarbonization.