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By | October 26, 2022

PyPowSyBl v0.19.0 Now Available

A new version, v0.19.0, of pypowsybl has been released. Please have a look at the release notes for more details:


  • powsybl-dependencies v1.3.0 –> v1.3.1 (#521)
  • Creation of branches and injections with feeder bays (#484#494)
  • Expose “connectable position” extension data (#498#505), and utility functions to work with it (#492)
  • Expose extensions related to short circuits computations (#479)
  • Allow to update regulated side for ratio tap changers and phase tap changers (#518)

Bug fixes

  • Fix reading of observability extensions when quality is not defined (#516)
  • Require numpy 1.20+ at install time (#519)
  • Flow decomposition: separate LF and sensitivity providers (#510)


  • Example for the creation of node breaker networks, and the creation of feeder bays (#509)

Technical improvements

  • Build linux wheels with older manylinux2014 image, to ensure compatibility with older systems (glibc version…) (#508)
  • Use native-image quick-build mode when building in debug mode (#501)

To update an existing version with pip, simply run:

pip install –upgrade pypowsybl