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By | October 19, 2022

CoMPAS Public Demo Launched at IEC 61850 Week

This post was contributed by Sander Jansen, Product Owner, System Operations at Alliander

CoMPAS presented at IEC 61850 Week!

The open source energy community is working hard to achieve digitization to meet the current challenges faced by transmission system operators and distribution system operators. As a DSO, I know it is becoming increasingly important to know which configurations are running in the field. To take steps toward addressing this challenge, the LF Energy community is working together on the open source CoMPAS Project.

Yesterday at IEC 61850 Week in Cardiff, I introduced the LF Energy CoMPAS public demo environment! The goal of this demo is to bring in more contributors and expand the open source community working on CoMPAS. In addition to Alliander, we are already working with organizations like RTE, Transpower and Omicron, among others. More parties are most welcome to contribute to and use this powerful tool.

The idea behind bringing a public demo online is to lower the threshold for new users. Those interested can experience the demo at – Please note that the database is shared.

Want to understand more about CoMPAS? Learn more about the project at CoMPAS – LF Energy