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By | February 19, 2024

Power Grid Model v1.7 Now Available, Adding the Newton-Raphson Calculation Method for Enhanced State Estimation

Linux Foundation Energy has announced the 1.7 release series of Power Grid Model (PGM), including adding the Newton-Raphson calculation method for enhanced state estimation. This new release also now allows for separate specification of the measurement error margins for both active and reactive power, enhancing the stability and precision of state estimations. PGM is a high-performance Python/C++ library for steady-state distribution power system analysis.

Details of all changes in this release follow, and the release notes are also available.


  • ✅ Newton-Raphson calculation method for state estimation (see the documentation).
  • ✅ Optional separate sigmas for active power and reactive power for power sensors (see the documentation).
  • ✅ Get the batch size of an update data set (see the API reference).
  • 💥 Multiple bug fixes (see e.g. #462 and #477 ).
  • 🚀 Improvements and fixes to documentation.
  • 🎉 Various improvements to the internal implementation and compiler support.
  • 🎉 The licenses of source and data files were updated.

Support for Python 3.8 was dropped

As agreed upon during the last Power Grid Model meet-up, support for Python 3.8 was dropped. Please refer to our Release Strategy on details.

Full list of changes

New Contributors

Full Changelogv1.6.0...v1.7.0