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By | February 16, 2024

FOSDEM 2024 Energy Devroom Recap: OwnTech: Revolutionizing the Energy Ecosystem with Open Source Technology

At the recent FOSDEM 2024 Energy Devroom, Luiz Villa and Jean Alinei of OwnTech took the stage to present their project aimed at transforming the energy ecosystem through open source innovation (video follows below). Titled “OwnTech Project: An open source generic reprogrammable technology suite for reimagining the energy ecosystem,” the session highlighted key points that underscore the potential of OwnTech in reshaping how we approach energy technology.

Introduction to OwnTech

Villa and Alinei commenced the session by introducing OwnTech, emphasizing its mission to democratize access to energy technology through open source principles. They framed OwnTech as a versatile toolkit designed to empower individuals and industries to innovate in the energy domain.

Vision for the Energy Ecosystem

The speakers outlined a visionary perspective on the energy ecosystem, conceptualizing it as a pyramid with various layers, from foundational power hardware to advanced simulation and optimization techniques. They highlighted the importance of open source approaches in enabling collaboration and progress across these layers.

The OwnTech Toolkit

Villa and Alinei delved into the components of the OwnTech toolkit, focusing on two key products: the Twist board and the Spin board. The Twist board was introduced as a versatile power product, while the Spin board was highlighted for its role as an embedded microcontroller optimized for controlling power hardware with precision.

Community Collaboration

Central to OwnTech’s ethos is community collaboration. The presenters emphasized the importance of open licenses, APIs, and documentation in fostering a vibrant ecosystem of innovation. They also discussed partnerships with other open source hardware projects, underlining the collective effort to drive impact and progress.

Empowering Innovation

Throughout the session, Villa and Alinei reiterated OwnTech’s commitment to empowering innovation in energy technology. By providing accessible tools and resources, OwnTech aims to catalyze new ideas, talents, and projects, from electric bicycles to microgrids.

Villa and Alinei’s presentation showcased the potential of OwnTech to democratize access to energy technology, foster collaboration, and drive innovation. As the energy landscape continues to evolve, OwnTech stands as a beacon of creativity and progress, inviting individuals and industries to join in reshaping the future of energy technology.