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By | June 27, 2023

OpenSCD v0.33.0 Now Available

Open Substation Communication Designer (OpenSCD) is an editor for SCL files as described in IEC 61850-6. LF Energy CoMPAS utilizes OpenSCD as an upstream dependency, meaning it uses OpenSCD’s front-end functionality designed within OpenSCD. Version 0.33.0 of OpenSCD is now available. The new version includes a new feature enabling the ability to move the progress indicator beneath plugin tabs, as well as several bug fixes. More details follow, and the full changelog can be viewed here.


  • openscd: Move progress indicator beneath plugin tabs (#1181) (a7a7081), closes #1178

Bug Fixes

  • editing: use editCount property for change propagation (#1233) (548f63b)
  • escaped symbols in regex patterns (#1266) (de2dd0d)
  • goose subscription reflects state incorrectly (#1261) (4440bff)