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Mar 12, 2024

FOSDEM 2024 Recap – Exploring Advanced Linux Power Management with Perf

At the recent FOSDEM 2024 Energy Devroom, Hagen Paul Pfeifer delved into the intricacies of Linux power management through a presentation titled "Advanced Linux Power Management Evaluation using Perf" (video follows below). Here's a breakdown of the key points discussed during the session: Introduction to Perf Scripting Pfeifer introduced a… Read more.

Mar 11, 2024

FOSDEM 2024 Recap – Carbon Measurement and Energy Attribution in the Linux Kernel

In today's digital landscape, where devices reign supreme, the quest for efficiency has never been more paramount. Recently, at the FOSDEM 2024 Energy Devroom, Aditya Manglik, a graduate student from ETH Zurich, shed light on a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of computing - carbon measurement and energy attribution for… Read more.

Mar 8, 2024

FOSDEM 2024 Recap – The PyPSA-Earth Experience

At the recent FOSDEM 2024 Energy Devroom, Ekaterina Fedotova, representing Open Energy Transition, shared insights into how open source development can propel the global energy transition (video follows below). Here's a concise summary of the key points discussed in the session: Global Energy Transition Challenges Fedotova highlighted the immense challenge… Read more.

Mar 7, 2024

FOSDEM 2024 Recap – Quartz Solar OS: Building an Open Source AI Solar Forecast for Everyone

**Title: Unveiling Open Quartz: A Solar Forecasting Revolution** In a recent session at FOSDEM 2024 Energy Devroom, Rachel L'Abri Tipton and Zak Watts from Open Climate Fix showcased an innovative solution that promises to revolutionize solar forecasting (video follows below). Titled "Quartz Solar OS: Building an open source AI solar… Read more.

Mar 6, 2024

FOSDEM 2024 Recap – Sharing the Operational Cost of Europe’s Electricity Grid: Optimization and Transparency Through Open Source

In the FOSDEM 2024 Energy Devroom, Peter Mitri from RTE presented a session titled "Sharing the operational cost of Europe's electricity grid: optimization and transparency through open source" (video follows below). In this talk, Mitri shed light on the challenges faced in managing Europe's electricity grid and how open source… Read more.