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By | May 31, 2024

CitrineOS v1.2.0 Now Available, With Improved ISO15118 Use Cases

CitrineOS is an open source EV charger network software for rapid OCPP 2.0.1 and NEVI compliant EV charge management. Version 1.2.0 has been released, adding a number of new features and bug fixes. Details follow below, and the full release notes are also available.

New Features:

  1. Supports ISO15118 Use Cases: Authorization via Contract Certificate, Get15118EVCertificate, Installing V2G root & refreshing leaf certificate via SignCertificate flow (Smart Charging features not included, slated for 1.3).
  2. Improved Certificate Management – Directus or an ftps server can now store your certificates; Data endpoint to regenerate certificates added; Data endpoint to reassign websocket server certificate added; Data endpoint to trigger sending an InstallCertificate message to a charger using current certificate chain.
  3. Events added to CrudRepository via CrudEvent interface: ‘created’, ‘updated’, ‘deleted’. Extends EventEmitter; adds typing to ‘on’ and ’emit’ methods for fully-typed lifecycle event handling.
  4. IdTokenType ‘NoAuthorization’ now accepted by default.
  5. Github Actions added! Lint-fix, compilation, and integration tests fire on merges to rc and main branches. New Github docker image added to packages on release tag push.


  1. Websocket server now handles ‘pings’–previously only emitted pings and handled pongs.
  2. VariableAttribute fields with defaults no longer override values in database
  3. Json processor now creates classes that agree with prettier & eslint
  4. Unused Redis image removed from docker compose in Server/
  5. Basic Auth header password can now contain ‘:’ character without breaking
  6. Environment variables used to adjust SystemConfig no longer trigger log spam
  7. ‘ByKey’ CrudRepository methods no longer use ‘id’ as PK field, now use Sequelize to fetch actual PK field in case it is not ‘id’