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By | February 2, 2023

Linux Foundation Energy Announces New Events, Projects, and Initiatives to Accelerate the Energy Transition in 2023

New projects include solutions for power system simulations, integrated data operations, and historical and real-time process data for analytics, joining nearly 20 existing projects to be showcased at LF Energy Summit in June

San Francisco, CA – FEBRUARY 2, 2023 – LF Energy, the open source foundation focused on harnessing the power of collaborative software and hardware technologies to decarbonize our global economies, is pleased to announce recent momentum and plans for 2023 including a new member, several new projects, updates to existing projects, and four events to bring together stakeholders building important technologies to drive the energy transition.

LF Energy is sponsoring a variety of events in 2023 to bring the community together to collaborate and innovate on new technologies to speed digital transformation in the energy sector. These include:

  • LF Energy Summit – June 1-2, 2023, Paris, France. LF Energy Summit is returning to an in-person format after three years as a virtual-only event. The summit will gather members of the LF Energy community including foundation members, developers, vendors, utility end users and other energy industry stakeholders to learn about LF Energy and its projects as well as to collaborate and share best practices for developing and implementing open source technologies and standards in the power sector. Speaking proposals are due by February 17.
  • SustainabilityCon at Open Source Summit North America – May 10-12, 2023, Vancouver, Canada. This all new event will gather developers, technologists, sustainability leaders and anyone working on technological solutions to decarbonize the global economy, mitigate and address the impacts of climate change, and build a more sustainable future. SustainabilityCon provides a forum to drive open source innovation in energy efficiency and interoperability and clean development practices within industries ranging from manufacturing to agriculture and beyond through collaboration and learning within the community. Speaking proposals are due by February 5.
  • LF Energy Embedded Summit at Embedded Open Source Summit – June 30, 2023, Prague, Czechia. All new for 2023, LF Energy Embedded Summit will gather embedded developers with stakeholders from the energy sector for a discussion of how IoT and other hardware can accelerate the energy transition and drive decarbonization. Speaking proposals are due by February 10.
  • SustainabilityCon at Open Source Summit Europe – September 19-21, 2023, Bilbao, Spain. This is the European version of the SustainabilityCon event listed above. Information on speaking proposals will be made available in the coming weeks.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available for LF Energy Summit through March 17.

In terms of growth of LF Energy, Atos has joined LF Energy as a General Member. LF Energy members provide funding and resources to support the foundation’s mission of building a unified approach to developing non-differentiating code that can enable utilities, grid operators, electric vehicle makers, energy saving companies and others to develop and implement technologies to transform the power sector.

In pursuit of that mission, LF Energy is also announcing three new open source software projects have launched under its umbrella:

  • Dynawo, originally developed by RTE, is an hybrid C++/Modelica open source suite of simulation tools for power systems. It aims at providing power system stakeholders with a transparent, flexible, interoperable and robust suite of simulation tools that could ease collaboration and cooperation in the power system community.
  • OpenFIDO, which stands for the “Open Framework for Integrated Data Operations”, aims to enable and support the commercial use of the US Department of Energy’s GridLAB-D technology – hosted as Arras at LF Energy – by utilities, researchers, and vendors of smart grid, renewable energy, and climate-change mitigation technology with special attention to electric energy delivery systems.
  • Real Time Data Ingestion Platform (RTDIP), originally developed at Shell, aims to provide easy access to high-volume, historical and real-time process data for analytics applications, engineers, and data scientists wherever they are.

To support all LF Energy projects and digital transformation in the energy sector, Bryce Bartmann, Chief Digital Technology Advisor at Shell, has joined the LF Energy governing board. Bartmann’s expertise in energy systems will be a boon for LF Energy’s projects and communities.

“LF Energy closed out 2022 strongly, with a doubling of our membership, new projects, new contributors, and continued advancement and innovation within existing projects,” said Linux Foundation General Manager, Arpit Joshipura. “This events strategy will enable us to continue that growth while supporting our existing projects and communities. We are optimistic at the prospects for 2023 as urgency increases around the energy transition and developing the technologies necessary to achieve decarbonization goals.”

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