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By | July 14, 2023August 24th, 2023

LF Energy Summit Recap: Digital Commons for Common Good: Exploring Common Building Blocks with LFE with Tony Shannon, Government of Ireland

In a keynote session at LF Energy Summit 2023, Tony Shannon, Head of Digital Services in the Government of Ireland, presented a compelling vision of utilizing common building blocks for the common good (video follows below). Shannon emphasized the importance of cooperation and collaboration in addressing the challenges of our time, particularly in the energy sector.

Shannon began by sharing his personal journey, highlighting the issues faced in the healthcare sector due to proprietary software that lacks interoperability. This led him to advocate for a new economic model and explore alternative approaches for digital transformation.

One key concept Shannon discussed was the idea of common components and their transformative potential. He stressed the rise of open source software as a catalyst for change, with examples like the Linux Foundation’s impact on cloud infrastructure. He also highlighted the Digital Impact Alliance’s identification of common building blocks that can revolutionize digital government services.

Shannon introduced the concept of GovStack, an initiative aimed at transforming 21st-century government by identifying a small number of digital building blocks and fostering cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders. He presented the Irish government’s efforts to leverage these building blocks in various life events, from births and marriages to immigration and business operations.

The vision for a government-issued wallet and credentials was presented, aiming to provide citizens with comprehensive and seamless digital services. Shannon emphasized the need for these services to be both transformative and environmentally sustainable, aligning with the growing focus on green technologies and practices.

Ultimately, Shannon emphasized the urgency of the current moment and the need to work together to address the challenges faced by people and the planet. He called for a collective effort to accelerate progress, leveraging common building blocks to create a digital commons that serves the common good.

Tony Shannon’s keynote highlighted the power of common building blocks and the potential for collaboration and open source solutions to drive positive change in the energy sector and beyond. By embracing a new economic model and prioritizing sustainability, governments and organizations can create a future where digital transformation benefits everyone and contributes to a better world.