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By | December 19, 2023

LF Energy Open Sustainable Technology Project Launches to Connect Developers with Impactful Sustainability Projects

Countless talented developers around the world are looking for ways that their talents can contribute to sustainability. The LF Energy Open Sustainable Technology project already offers a directory and analysis of the open source ecosystem in the areas of climate change, energy, biodiversity and natural resources. Despite this information being available on the wide range of open source sustainability projects, it can still be difficult for potential contributors to understand how they can get involved with these projects.

That is why is being launched as a dedicated platform focusing on the open technologies that help us to transparently understand and cooperatively manage the stability of our natural resources. Utilizing a statically exported Next.js build, this project offers a robust and scalable solution for connecting developers with impactful sustainability projects. The Open Sustainable Technology community works closely with the platform, which provides metadata about the entire open source ecosystem and is therefore independent of the GitHub platform. At the same time, this will enable projects to be sorted by download numbers and other dimensions from a variety of package managers in the future. 

Projects that are looking for contributors can visit the main repository at Open Sustainable Technology on GitHub, then follow the guidelines provided to submit their project. They should label issues as ‘Good First Issue’ or ‘Help Wanted’. In this way, open source communities help new members to familiarize themselves with the project and thus contribute to the growth of a lasting community. will do the rest in the background and the project should soon after appear on 

Whether you are a seasoned developer or a newcomer eager to contribute, provides a curated directory of impactful projects and a pathway to making your first meaningful contribution to open sustainable technology. Simply visit the website and search for projects of interest to you to view what types of contributions they are seeking, then start contributing. is a collaboration of Codeshark,, Open Sustainable Technology, Open Corridor and Linux Foundation Energy.