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2023 Report

A directory and analysis of the open source ecosystem in the areas of climate change, energy, biodiversity and natural resources.

Open Sustainable Technology is an informative platform and open science community that explores the impact, potential, and strategies of the open source movement for sustainable technology development, business and transition.

At the beginning of the project, the central goal was “to capture all projects that preserve the natural ecosystems through open technology, methods, data, intelligence, knowledge or tools.”

This goal has been achieved for now, and has allowed the community to systematically analyze the open source ecosystem as a whole to examine gaps, trends, growth, and the communities behind the projects. Through the unique analysis of an open source ecosystem, a wide range of recommendations were developed for strengthening existing projects and demonstrating how additional projects can have a crucial impact for a sustainable transition worldwide.

The report, the existing community, the software tools developed, and the website are well on their way to becoming a one-stop solution for information about the intersection of open source and sustainable technology. The website is already very well known and highly ranked within search queries due to targeted marketing strategies and extensive maintenance of the database.

The database we created contains READMEs, one-liners and topics on almost all active and documented open source projects in the field of environmental sustainability. This includes renewable energy, energy grids, climate models, global biodiversity models, water models but also the infrastructure that makes raw data on various environmental aspects accessible to everyone worldwide.