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By | February 28, 2024

FOSDEM 2024 Recap: SEAPATH – Easier Operations in Electrical Substations through Digital Twin Empowerment

At the recent FOSDEM 2024 Energy Devroom, Erwann Roussy and Paul Le Guen de Kerneizon from Savoir-Faire Linux presented a session titled “LF Energy SEAPATH – Easier Operations in Electrical Substations through Digital Twin Empowerment” (video follows below). This session delved into how SEAPATH, developed by LF Energy, is revolutionizing electrical substation management through the empowerment of digital twins.

SEAPATH stands for Software Enabled Automation Platform and Artifacts (THerein). It’s a cutting-edge initiative by LF Energy aimed at streamlining operations within electrical substations. By harnessing the power of digital twins, SEAPATH offers innovative solutions to the challenges faced in managing energy distribution networks.

Digital Twin Empowerment

The session highlighted how SEAPATH leverages digital twins to create virtual replicas of physical substations. These digital twins enable real-time monitoring, analysis, and simulation of substation operations, leading to enhanced efficiency and reliability.

Operational Ease

SEAPATH simplifies the complexities associated with managing electrical substations. Through intuitive interfaces and advanced analytics, operators gain actionable insights to optimize performance, detect anomalies, and mitigate risks promptly.

Transactive Energy Integration

SEAPATH integrates transactive energy principles, facilitating seamless interaction between various energy stakeholders. This enables dynamic energy trading, grid balancing, and demand-response management, fostering a more resilient and sustainable energy ecosystem.

Open Source Collaboration

Emphasizing LF Energy’s commitment to open collaboration, the presenters highlighted SEAPATH’s open source nature. This fosters community-driven innovation, encourages interoperability, and ensures accessibility to cutting-edge substation management tools for all.

Real-world Impact

The session showcased real-world applications and success stories of SEAPATH deployment. From optimizing grid operations to enabling renewable energy integration, SEAPATH has demonstrated its potential to revolutionize the energy sector worldwide.

By harnessing digital twin empowerment, SEAPATH promises to usher in a new era of efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in energy distribution networks.

For more information on SEAPATH, visit the project website.