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By | February 27, 2024

FOSDEM 2024 Recap: Revolutionizing Grid Analysis with PowSyBl

At the recent FOSDEM 2024 Energy Devroom, Jean-Baptiste Heyberger from RTE delivered a session titled “GridSuite and PowSyBl: an Open Source Approach to Develop Advanced Tools for Grid Analysis and Simulation of Power Systems” (video follows below). This session shed light on the innovative strides being made in grid management through open source software (OSS) initiatives.

Challenges and Context
Heyberger began by examining the challenges faced by grid operators, particularly RTE, the French transmission system operator (TSO). With the imperative of ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply across France and Europe, RTE grapples with evolving energy mixes, stringent regulations, and the integration of renewable energy sources like offshore wind generators.

Strategic Use of Open Source
A key takeaway from the session was the strategic adoption of open source solutions to tackle these challenges. Heyberger emphasized the utilization of LF Energy and other open source tools like GridSuite and PowSyBl. These platforms offer a modular approach to grid analysis and simulation, enabling RTE to stay agile in a rapidly changing energy landscape.

Key Features of GridSuite and PowSyBl
GridSuite, as outlined in the session, encompasses various components essential for grid management. From green modeling to security analysis, the toolset provides RTE with the capabilities needed to ensure grid stability and reliability. PowSyBl, integrated with GridSuite, offers real-time and long-term grid studies, empowering RTE to assess the impacts of integrating new renewable energy sources seamlessly.

Technical Insights
Heyberger delved into the technical aspects of these OSS tools, detailing the microservices architecture based on Java Spring Boot. Deployment on Kubernetes clusters ensures scalability and reliability, while integration with Python expands the toolkit’s utility for research and data science endeavors. The use of Oracle’s GraalVM further enhances code interoperability, bridging the gap between Java and Python seamlessly.

Looking Ahead
The session concluded with a glimpse into the future trajectory of these OSS initiatives. Heyberger shared RTE’s vision of wider adoption of GridSuite and PowSyBl within the grid management community. With ongoing enhancements and contributions from users and developers alike, these tools are poised to revolutionize grid analysis and simulation, paving the way for a more sustainable energy future.