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By | February 29, 2024

FOSDEM 2024 Recap – OpenSTEF: Open Short Term Energy Forecasting

In a session in the FOSDEM 2024 Energy Devroom, Jonita Ruiter, representing Alliander, took the stage to introduce OpenSTEF, an LF Energy initiative in the realm of short-term energy forecasting (video follows below). Here’s a brief overview of the key takeaways from the session:

Introduction to OpenSTEF

Ruiter, serving as the community manager of OpenSTEF, shed light on this innovative platform designed to revolutionize energy forecasting. OpenSTEF, short for Open Short-Term Energy Forecasting, aims to provide accurate predictions of energy load on the grid, encompassing both electricity and heat.

Grid Challenges

The session highlighted the evolving challenges facing modern energy grids. With the transition to renewable energy sources like solar and wind, the grid landscape has become increasingly complex. Coupled with the surge in energy consumption driven by factors such as electric vehicle charging, grid operators face unprecedented challenges in maintaining stability and efficiency.

The Need for Forecasting

Against this backdrop, the importance of accurate forecasting cannot be overstated. OpenSTEF steps in to address this critical need by offering a comprehensive solution for forecasting energy load. By leveraging automated machine learning pipelines and external predictors such as weather forecasts and market prices, OpenSTEF empowers grid operators with invaluable insights for effective grid management.


Ruiter delved into the methodology behind OpenSTEF, providing insights into its intricate workings. From data preprocessing and feature engineering to machine learning model training and evaluation, OpenSTEF encompasses a robust framework designed to deliver precise energy forecasts across various time horizons.

Community and Collaboration

The session underscored the collaborative ethos driving OpenSTEF’s development. With an expanding community comprising companies like Alliander, RTE, RTE International, Shell, and others, OpenSTEF is poised for continuous growth and enhancement. Workshops are being organized to introduce interested parties to OpenSTEF and its technical intricacies, fostering knowledge sharing and engagement within the community.

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