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By | December 29, 2023January 18th, 2024

FOSDEM 2024 Energy Devroom Schedule Now Available

Members of the LF Energy community successfully applied to manage an Energy devroom at FOSDEM 2024, taking place Feb 3-4 in Brussels. The focus of the room is “Reimagining this Ecosystem through Open Source”.

The Energy devroom will take place on Saturday, Feb 3 in Room H.2214 at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and will also be livestreamed. Attendance at either the virtual or in-person events is completely free of charge, and no advance registration is required.

Accepted sessions cover topics including open source best practices, green software development, home energy management, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, energy modeling, forecasting, and more. The full agenda has now been announced, and can be viewed below.

Additionally, members of the LF Energy community will present a panel discussion in the main track of FOSDEM on Sunday, 4 February at 16:00 in the Janson room titled “Unveiling the Open Renewable Energy Systems (ORES) Initiative“. The panel will feature:

  • Vivien Barnier – CEO, EnAccess Foundation
  • Hilary Carter – SVP Research & Comms, The Linux Foundation
  • Tony Shannon – Head of Digital Services, Office of Government Chief Information Officer at Department of Public Expenditure & Reform, Government of Ireland
  • Chris Xie – Head of Open Source Strategy, Senior Director of Strategy and Business Development, Futurewei
  • Moderator: Dan Brown, Director of Communications, LF Energy

The LF Energy and broader open source energy communities look forward to seeing you in Brussels!

Date: Saturday, February 3, 2023  

Event Speakers Start End
  OwnTech Project: An open-source generic reprogrammable technology suite for reimagining the energy ecosystem
Luiz Villa 10:30 10:55
  EVerest: One stack to charge them all?
Kai-Uwe Hermann 11:00 11:15
  Enhancing OCPP with E2E-Security and Binary Data Streams for a more Secure Energy Ecosystem
Achim Friedland 11:20 11:35
Christian Weissmann 11:40 11:55
  Power Grid Model: Open source high performance power systems analysis
Nitish Bharambe 12:00 12:15
  GridSuite and PowSyBl: an Open Source approach to develop advanced tools for grid analysis and simulation of power systems.
heyberger 12:20 12:35
  LFEnergy SEAPATH – Easier Operations in Electrical Substations through Digital Twin Empowerment
Erwann RoussyPaul Le Guen de Kerneizon 12:40 12:55
  OpenSTEF: Opensource Short Term Energy Forecasting
Jonita Ruiter 13:00 13:15
  Using FlexMeasures to build a climate tech startup, in 15 minutes
Nicolas Höning 13:20 13:35
  Unleash the Power of Flexibility with Shapeshifter: A Universal Flex Trading Protocol
Tom WetjensHugo van der Zwaag 13:40 13:55
  OpenSCD: Everything Everywhere All at Once
Tamás Russ 14:00 14:25
  Power to the People – Technology for Access to Energy
Vivien BarnierMartin Jäger 14:30 14:55
  Sharing the operational cost of the EU electricity grid: optimization and transparency through open source
Peter Mitri 15:00 15:25
  Quartz Solar OS: Building an open source AI solar forecast for everyone
Rachel L’Abri Tiptonpeter dudfieldOpen Climate Fix 15:30 15:55
  Can open source development drive energy transition? PyPSA-Earth experience
Ekaterina Fedotova 16:00 16:25
  Carbon measurement and energy attribution for processes and hardware devices in the Linux kernel
Aditya Manglik 16:30 16:45
  Continuous Measurement and Visualization of Software’s Environmental Impact
Didi Hoffmann 16:45 17:00
  Linux Power Management Analysis for Embedded Systems
Hagen Paul Pfeifer 17:00 17:15
  Emulation Tools for Sustainable Software Development: Simulating Real-World Usage Scenarios
Rudraksh Karpe 17:15 17:30
  How can Open-Source help the Wind Power industry?
Marco Berta 17:30 17:45
  Energy optimisation: smart home meets smart district
Pierre KilDon 17:45 18:00
  Boavizta: Life Cycle Assessment of Digital Technologies for Humanity and the Future of the Planet
Benoit PETITDavid Ekchajzer 18:05 18:30
  Power profiling my entire house with the Firefox Profiler
Florian Quèze 18:35 19:00