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By | January 24, 2022

LF Energy Provides a Digitalisation of Energy Action Plan: Linux Foundation Energy Response to European Commission Public Consultation

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In December 2021 and January of 2022, LF Energy members along with OpenForum Europe convened a group of stakeholders to respond formally to a request for public consultation by the European Commission.

LF Energy believes the objectives of the Green New Deal and the Energy Transition can only be delivered using open source as a building block for the digital market. Open source is a culture of technology development and a process of collaboration that opens up markets and lowers the barriers to participation. It is also a system of intellectual property rights and a process of governance to ensure transparency and protect the rights and interests of participants.
LF Energy has created this response to the European Commission’s call for input on a digital energy action plan. It discusses the vital role open source and open systems can play in helping consumers and businesses shift to a carbon-neutral energy system.

LF Energy believes digitalisation founded on open source technology and culture will help drive the decarbonisation of energy and in turn, the decarbonisation of our economies. Open technologies will support the decentralization of energy production driven by the shift to a greener system and the democratization of supply. Digitalisation built on open source technologies will facilitate a consumer-driven switch to more sustainable energy services and sources while helping utilities respond quickly to the change.