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By | January 21, 2022

Predictions 2022: Industrial Transformation and Innovation Take Off

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Guest: Shuli Goodman

The destructive forces of climate change continue to build, but 2022 will be the year—must be the year—that we all absorb that fact and begin the process of transformation.

This year, the planet and businesses will begin to go “all in” in terms of trying to understand what it means to decarbonize, predicts Shuli Goodman, Executive Director of LF Energy.

We’ll recognize that something is different and, as a result, we’ll see “innovations and change happen much more rapidly,” Goodman says.

Her next prediction is that 2022 will be an important stepping off point for innovation and industrial transformation. This means “swapping out the engines” of our economy to forego fossil fuels for renewable energy.  Whole sectors will line up together to collectively decarbonize because they’ll recognize that it must happen to protect our economic futures.

The first half of decarbonization will be achieved with brute industrial strength, Goodman says. But the second half will require a bottoms up approach. That means looking at all of our appliances, devices, processes, etc, and all the things that require electricity and making them extremely efficient.

LF Energy will be at the forefront as it enables the conditions for companies to cooperate and collaborate in a “pre-competitive manner” on open-source software solutions.

For more predictions and discussion of what’s ahead as we decarbonize our power systems—which must lead before we can also decarbonize the transportation and built environment— watch this interview with Goodman.