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By | May 13, 2021

Alliander and It’s Open Source Mission

Guest Author: Judith Scheperboer-Bol of Alliander

“By building an open source ecosystem, we contribute to a digital and sustainable energy system of the future”

The world around us is changing rapidly, and we need each other’s knowledge and resources in order to keep on track. Alliander is driven by the social importance of keeping energy reliable, affordable and accessible for everyone. They also feel it is important to be conscientious about the costs associated with digitalization. That is why open source software is becoming increasingly important as we all face the challenges of the future. Sharing knowledge, time, energy, expertise, is the key to helping us all improve. 

Every time Alliander has cooperated with other parties through open source software, the benefit has been evident. The membership with LF Energy provides them with a platform where they find counterparts for their mission. Together, we are building an open source ecosystem, contributing to a digital and sustainable energy system of the future. Curious about what Alliander does and to what projects they contribute? You can read all about it at Join us and collaborate!

Our collaborations in LF Energy

  • Grid eXchange Fabric (GXF) is a software platform that enables hardware monitoring and control in the public space. GXF provides several functions out of the box and provides scalability & high availability, high security, a generic design, and no vendor lock-in. GXF is currently deployed in several public use cases, including microgrids, smart metering, public lighting, and distribution automation.GXF is a project Alliander actively maintains.
  • IT-solutions such as visualisation, CI/CD and central configuration start to get increasingly important in substation automation. The primary goal of the CoMPAS project is to develop open source software components related to IEC 61850 model implementation, specifically for profile management and configuration of a power industry Protection Automation and Control System (PACS).Alliander actively contributes to CoMPAS.
  • OperatorFabric is a modular, extensible, industrial-strength, and field-tested platform for systems operators. OperatorFabric includes several features essential for electricity, water, and other utility operations.Alliander actively contributes to OperatorFabric.