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By | March 27, 2024April 11th, 2024

2023 LF Energy Annual Report

The vision of LF Energy is to create a technology ecosystem that enables decarbonization of the energy sector through innovation and interoperability. This includes the entire technology stack used by those producing, transmitting, distributing, and using energy over large grids, microgrids, distributed energy resources and storage, electric vehicles, and more. The 2023 LF Energy Annual Report provides detailed insight into the progress made last year in pursuit of that mission.

2023 saw tremendous growth for LF Energy, with nine new projects added to bring the total to 30. Nine new members also joined, contributor strength grew by 30%, lines of code hosted grew by 22%. The EVerest and SEAPATH projects graduated to the Early Adoption phase, in addition to hosted projects across the board seeing rapid growth in deployments. LF Energy also hosted and participated in a wide variety of events globally and produced four original research reports to spread the word about open source software and standards for the energy transition.

Learn more by downloading the 2023 LF Energy Annual Report.