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By | November 4, 2016

Trying the Open Smart Grid Platform made easy


Based on open source community feedback and our own findings, Smart society services decided to invest in a better user experience to try the Open Smart Grid Platform. An easy procedure allows you to setup an virtual machine to play around with the open smart grid platform. The easy installation script uses Vagrant technology. A how-to guide can be found in the documentation.


More improvements are made in the documentation. Especially for architects and developers who are evaluating the use of the open smart grid platform. The documentation now addresses more on redundancy, security and the several Open Smart Grid Platform domains and protocols.

Public issue tracker

To meet the current development needs, the development team decided to move away form Github issues to a public Jira board. This allows outsiders to see the current development issues and makes is more easy to contribute to the open source development. You can find out more on all the topics above in the updated documentation.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions related to the open smart grid platform. Open an issue on Github or send us an email (Github issue is preferred for faster response).