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By | February 24, 2023

Sponsor LF Energy Summit to Demonstrate Your Commitment to Decarbonizing the Energy Sector

LF Energy Summit come to Paris June 1-2 for our first in person gathering since 2019. The summit will gather electrical utilities, technology vendors, academics, researchers, policymakers, end users, and other energy stakeholders to discuss open source technology solutions to drive the energy transition and decarbonization of the energy sector. Not only will the event be an opportunity for contributors to the various LF Energy projects to meet in person, but it will also serve as a venue for broader discussions about the technologies necessary for the energy sector to transition to renewables and distributed energy resources. We expect the event to drive innovation, collaboration, sharing of best practices, and generally accelerate the work our community is already doing.

This event is a great opportunity for organizations to demonstrate leadership and support for these efforts, as well as to learn more about the work being done and meet like minded organizations. Sponsorship packages are available providing visibility, thought leadership, and other benefits. These sponsorships are necessary to make the event accessible and successful overall. If your organization is interested in sponsoring, you can learn more about the options available at