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By | June 12, 2023

Savoir-faire Linux: Tribute to Dr. Shuli Goodman, Founder of LF Energy

This piece was contributed by Christophe Villemer, and originally posted at Savoir-faire Linux

Our personal and professional lives are often punctuated by encounters with men and women who have left their mark and inspired us, whether through their skills, their social or political commitment, their vision or their leadership.

We have this tradition at Savoir-faire Linux of paying tribute to some of these remarkable personalities and highlighting their contribution to the very existence of Savoir-faire Linux’s business project: namely, a technologically innovative project at the heart of the knowledge economy, based on the creation of value through collaboration and cooperation, mindful of freedoms and not afraid to be socially committed.

This tradition began several years ago at our head office in Montreal. It consists in naming our meeting rooms in honor or memory of these outstanding personalities in many ways.

For example, we have a meeting room named Linus Torvalds, well known for having created the Linux kernel in 1991 and continuing to lead its development.

We also have a room named Aaron Swartz, a precocious American computer programmer, political and Internet hacktivist who tragically committed suicide at the age of 26. He was instrumental in the development of Creative Commons (CC) licenses.

This Wednesday, May 31, 2023, as a symbol on the eve of the LF Energy Summit 2023 in Paris, which we were attending, we paid tribute to the memory of our late colleague Dr. Shuli Goodman, founder and Executive Director of LF Energy, who passed away on January 3 after a long battle with cancer.

The meeting room at our new premises in Rennes (France) is now named “Dr. Shuli Goodman“.

Shuli was a luminous, generous, passionate and inspiring person. Her vision and leadership not only built LF Energy to be what it is today, but laid the foundation for what it will be in the future. Generous, always ready to help, she was also instrumental in our involvement with LF Energy, making sure we all fit in.

Her last introductory speech at the LF Energy Member Meeting in November 2022, was a great message of hope, resilience and the struggle to build a better future through collaboration.

She will be remembered by all who knew her as an insatiable fighter for the common good, a “climate optimist” convinced that technology and open source would be the major elements of the solutions for the energy systems decarbonization and more generally, to combat climate change and ensure a better future for our planet.

For all these reasons, the whole Savoir-faire Linux team involved in the LF Energy Seapath project, with the agreement of her wife Karen, wanted to pay tribute to her and to keep the memory of her inspiration among us.