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By | April 12, 2023

PowSyBl v2023.1.0 RELEASE is Now Available

The new release 2023.1.0 of PowSyBl is now live! PowSyBl (Power System Blocks) is an open source library dedicated to electrical grid modeling and simulation.

This new release corresponds to a new release for each of the 5 repositories constituting the PowSyBl release train, whose versions and release notes are listed in the table below.

RepositoryRelease notes

In terms of changes in this release, in powsybl-core, two bugs had been detected, which have now been patched.

AMPL executor debug mode (#2531) · powsybl/powsybl-core@db09620 (

Fix writing zero bPerSection for xiidm <1.5 (#2536) · powsybl/powsybl-core@59f41b3 (

With regard to powsybl-openloadflow, the following bug was patched:

Fix no impact load contingency when simulated with a switch contingency by geofjamg · Pull Request #768 · powsybl/powsybl-open-loadflow (

For more information, please read the detailed release notes linked in the table above.