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By | November 15, 2023

PowSyBl Issues New Releases of PowSyBl Open Loadflow and PowSyBl Dynawo in Latest Release Train

The LF Energy PowSyBl community has released powsybl-dependencies 2023.3.2, which concludes the last PowSyBl release train. PowSyBl is an open source library dedicated to electrical grid modeling and simulation. All the repositories’ versions and release notes can be found in the table below.

What’s changed

This patch release corresponds to

  • patch releases of powsybl-core and powsybl-entsoe
  • new releases of powsybl-open-loadflow and powsybl-dynawo
Repository Release notes
powsybl-core v6.0.2
powsybl-open-loadflow v1.4.0
powsybl-diagram v4.0.0
powsybl-dynawo v2.1.0
powsybl-entsoe v2.6.1

For more information, please read the detailed release notes linked in the table. The full changelog is also available.