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By | September 29, 2023

Power Grid Model v1.6 Now Available

Linux Foundation Energy has announced the 1.6 release series of Power Grid Model (PGM), including the PGM serialization feature. PGM is a high-performance Python/C++ library for steady-state distribution power system analysis.

New Feature: PGM Serialization

In this release we introduced PGM serialization. Now you can load and dump PGM datasets from/to json or msgpack buffers/files. Please have a look at the documentation and examples.

Deprecation of Old JSON import/export functions

The old import_json_data and export_json_data functions are deprecated. The functions will be removed in the future. The users are strongly suggested to use the new serialization format and functions.

Breaking Changes in C-API

To further improve the interoperability of the C-API, we introduced the dataset concept in the C-API. This is a breaking change for all model related functions: creation, update, calculate. Please refer to the new examples to see how you should call the new C-API.

There are no breaking changes in the Python API!

Pull Requests involved

Full Changelogv1.5.37...v1.6.0