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By | June 6, 2024

Open EV Charging Summit Recap and Video: Powering the Future of EV Charging

At the Open EV Charging Summit 2024, Martin Kranzfelder, Chief Product Owner of chargebyte GmbH, delivered a presentation on the evolution and future direction of EV charging technology (video follows below). Here are the key takeaways from his talk:

Chargebyte’s Journey and Expertise

Chargebyte GmbH, originally known as IT2, began in the late 90s with a focus on power line communication and smart home products. Over the years, the company has evolved into a significant player in the EV charging industry, boasting a team of over 80 employees worldwide. Their deep understanding of power line communication and standards has positioned them at the forefront of developing controllers for both vehicles and charging stations.

Embracing Open Source for Innovation

In a significant move towards innovation and collaboration, Chargebyte shifted towards open source solutions in 2022. Partnering with PIONIX, they contributed their intellectual property to the EVerest project, an open source initiative. This strategic shift allowed them to transition their legacy software stack to EVerest, making all operating system components and support packages available on GitHub. This move underscores Chargebyte’s commitment to fostering a collaborative and open environment in the EV charging ecosystem.

Diverse and Advanced Product Portfolio

Kranzfelder highlighted several key products that illustrate Chargebyte’s technological prowess:

  • Charge Control C: Launched in 2018, this AC charge controller is designed for the European market, featuring a detachable cable, power line connectivity, and multiple interfaces. It’s a cost-effective and mature solution, offering flexibility and reliability.
  • Charge DUO and Charge SOM: Developed in collaboration with partners like PHYTEC, these solutions provide comprehensive system integration for charging stations. They include essential modules and carrier boards, designed to cater to various needs in the EV charging infrastructure.

System Integration and Comprehensive Support

Chargebyte has strategically positioned itself as a system integrator, offering extensive support to customers in building complete charging stations. They assist in integrating various components and software, ensuring a seamless and efficient setup. Their offerings include support for vehicle-to-grid capabilities, catering to both AC and DC charging configurations.

Strategic Partnerships for Market Growth

Kranzfelder emphasized the importance of partnerships in the rapidly expanding EV market. Chargebyte collaborates with industry leaders like PIONIX and PHYTEC to enhance their product offerings and support infrastructure development globally. These partnerships are key to addressing the fast-paced growth and evolving demands of the EV market.

By embracing open source solutions, expanding their product portfolio, and forging strong partnerships, Chargebyte is well-positioned to power the future of EV charging. Their commitment to collaboration and innovation highlights the dynamic and evolving landscape of electric mobility.