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By | May 20, 2024May 21st, 2024

Open EV Charging Summit 2024 Recap and Video: LF Energy’s Role in the Energy Transition

The 2024 Open EV Charging Summit took place May 15-16 in Dallas, Texas, hosted by Texas Instruments. At the heart of this event lies LF Energy, the organization dedicated to revolutionizing the energy sector through open source initiatives.

Gina Hann, the platform marketing director at Texas Instruments, set the stage as the event’s MC, welcoming attendees from far and wide. The first speaker she called up was Alex Thornton, the executive director of LF Energy, who captured the audience’s attention with his welcome address and overview of LF Energy’s pivotal role in creating open source solutions for the energy transition (video follows below).

In his address, Thornton painted a vivid picture of LF Energy’s mission and methodology. Using the analogy of a gym membership, he illuminated LF Energy’s role as a facilitator of open source projects. Just as a gym provides the space and resources for individuals to achieve their fitness goals, LF Energy offers the infrastructure and support services necessary for open source projects to thrive.

But LF Energy’s impact extends far beyond mere facilitation. Thornton emphasized the organization’s commitment to building communities, fostering collaborations, and ensuring the long-term sustainability of projects. From providing neutral ground for competitors to collaborate to offering governance structures that prevent monopolization, LF Energy is a driving force behind the success of open source endeavors.

Central to LF Energy’s ethos is the recognition that the energy transition is not just a technological shift but a fundamental societal transformation. As the world embraces electric vehicles and renewable energy sources, LF Energy is at the forefront, developing projects that span the entire energy system. From EV charging infrastructure to grid automation and smart meters, LF Energy’s initiatives are shaping the future of energy.

Thornton’s address underscored the symbiotic relationship between LF Energy and its members. By partnering with LF Energy, organizations align themselves with a vision of open collaboration and innovation. In return, LF Energy provides the resources and support necessary for their success, ensuring a thriving ecosystem where all stakeholders benefit.

In the words of Thornton, “This is just the beginning.”

View the recording of Thornton’s session below, and more videos from Open EV Charging Summit on the LF Energy YouTube channel.