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By | March 2, 2022

Linking Carbon Counting to Renewable Electricity Purchases

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More consumers and corporations want to know the carbon footprint of the companies they do business with, and businesses are buying more renewable energy in response.

But it’s no longer enough just to buy and use renewables. The pressure is on companies to also understand the carbon impact of those purchases.

This year will mark the tipping point for mainstream adoption of 24/7 carbon free energy and companies will need credible ways to monitor, track and record their progress.

That’s where FlexiDAO comes in. FlexiDAO, founded four years ago, helps companies eliminate emissions from the electricity they buy. It does that by enabling them to monitor and certify the origin of that power, and its carbon emissions every hour of the day.

FlexiDAO uses blockchain technology as a certification enabler so companies can credibly claim the way their CO2 was eliminated was via the purchase of renewable power.

FlexiDAO recently joined LF Energy to collaborate on granular carbon accounting and how it can be linked to renewable electricity purchase.

To accelerate the decarbonization of power grids, “we all need to work together across industries,” says Joan Collell, co-founder of FlexiDAO. “LF Energy can help drive standards and common understanding on how to treat carbon emission accounting for the industries to have a common language,… and to ensure transparency and credibility of reporting of emissions,” he said.

For more information, see video here. To join the effort, please visit FlexiDAO’s GitHub page here.