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By | August 9, 2023

LF Energy Summit Recap: Real-Time Data Driving Innovation

LF Energy Summit 2023 featured an enlightening presentation titled “Real-Time Data Driving Innovation,” led by Bryce Bartmann, Chief Digital Technology Advisor at Shell (video follows below). The session delved into the potential of the Real Time Data Ingestion Platform (RTDIP) and how it is poised to revolutionize the energy sector. In this blog post, we summarize the key points from the presentation, shedding light on the importance of open source technology and its impact on driving innovation in the energy industry.

The Emergence of RTDIP

RTDIP is a game-changing platform developed by Shell and contributed to LF Energy to facilitate real-time data access and utilization. Initially designed to support predictive maintenance with data scientists monitoring 17,000 pieces of equipment, RTDIP quickly expanded its capabilities, becoming a vital component in the integration of clean energy systems.

Open Source: The Catalyst for Transformation

The presentation highlighted the significance of open source technology in shaping the digitalization of the energy industry. By embracing open source solutions, companies can collaborate and integrate efficiently, fostering innovation across the sector. Access to real-time data has sparked an explosion of innovation, unleashing the potential for smarter decision-making and optimized energy operations.

RTDIP’s Impact and Applicability

RTDIP has shown remarkable results in various energy sectors. Renewable energy assets are now interconnected through RTDIP, empowering data scientists to develop innovative solutions for more efficient and effective renewable energy management. From hydrogen projects to electrified chemical reactors, the platform’s versatility has paved the way for energy traceability and sustainable aviation fuels.

Scalability and Integration

A key advantage of RTDIP is its scalability. With the ability to ingest data from various sources, including OPC UA, DNP3, and IEC61850 protocols, the platform enables seamless integration across different assets and infrastructures. The flexibility to run on-premise or in the cloud further enhances its appeal.

RTDIP’s open source nature has revolutionized the energy industry, driving innovation and fostering collaboration among companies and startups alike. With a focus on optimizing renewable energy assets, hydrogen projects, and sustainable aviation fuels, RTDIP is ushering in a new era of efficiency and sustainability in the energy sector. As technology continues to evolve, it is evident that real-time data will be at the forefront of shaping the energy landscape for years to come.