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By | October 5, 2023

LF Energy Members & Projects Share with the Open Source Community at Open Source Summit Europe

LF Energy members and projects gathered in Bilbao, Spain with others from across the open source community September 19-21 for Open Source Summit Europe. The event brought together over 1,200 individuals from around the globe to collaborate, learn, share, and connect in order to drive open source innovation across industries. As pictured above, the event was also an opportunity for members of the LF Energy community to network and get to know one another better, which will improve collaboration and teamwork within the foundation ecosystem.

Videos of all sessions at the event will be available in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, some highlights from the event include:

A panel discussion titled “How Open Source Collaboration Is Transforming the Power Systems Sector” was moderated by LF Energy’s Dan Brown, and featured LF Research’s Hilary Carter, Alliander’s Jonas van den Bogaard, Savoir-faire Linux’s Christophe Villemer, and Shell’s Bryce Bartmann. The panel discussed the challenges faced with the energy transition and how open source is helping address them, including real world examples.

Jonas van den Bogaard and Nico Rikken of Alliander presented a session titled “More Renewable Energy Into the Power Grid with Open Source” which explored how grid operators like Alliander require new digital solutions to better use the capacity that is currently available in the grid. They then went into detail of some of LF Energy’s open source projects including OpenSTEF, Power Grid Model and Shapeshifter, and how they play a key role here.

LF Research’s Anna Hermansen moderated a panel with the Linux Foundation’s Kate Stewart along with Sumer Johal of AgStack, Matthew Sandoe of OS-Climate, and Chris Xie of LF Energy member Futurewei. Titled ” Advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through Open Source, the panel explored how open source projects – including those from LF Energy – are advancing the UN SDGs, what the current challenges and opportunities are, and what is needed for further progress. Be sure to check out LF Research’s Open Source for Sustainability Report to dig further into this topic.

Viven Barnier of LF Energy member EnAccess Foundation presented a session titled “How Open Innovations Promote Interoperability & Efficiency” exploring how open source technology is expanding access to electricity in developing areas. By funding one company to develop a solution to a problem commonly faced in the sector, and then open-sourcing the development materials, other companies are able to replicate it without using already scarce funds to ”reinvent the wheel”.

LF Energy member Savoir-faire Linux presented a session titled “SEAPATH: A LF Energy Project for Critical Infrastructure with an Emphasis on Software Supply Chain Security” featuring Eloi Bail and Mathieu Dupré. SEAPATH brings virtualization of electrical grid substations to enhance their adaptability and increase their interconnections. The session covered two approaches used in SEAPATH: a pre-built Linux distribution (Debian based) and a custom Linux distribution (Yocto project based) with a long-term support prism, along with the benefits and drawbacks of those solutions in terms of community involvement, supply chain security, SBOMs, and customization.

Stay tuned for more detailed recaps of each of these sessions once videos are made available.