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By | December 18, 2019

LF Energy Members Collaborate – 3 Days of Open Source Development for Asset Monitoring

On January 13-15, 2020  in Paris, France, a team of IT specialists at the transmission and distribution level will engage in a collaborative coding event to create open source software for asset monitoring. RTE, Alliander and TenneT will work together through this three-day immersion to learn more about each other’s projects and to gain understanding about joint investment and how to leverage each other’s software talent for faster innovation and uptake. They plan to work with a use case based on LF Energy’s open source projects OperatorFabric, RTE’s Plasma, and Alliander’s OSGP, which was recently transferred into LF Energy and is in the process of changing names. In addition, the team will explore TenneT’s Data Platform for additional functionality. 

This promising cooperation provides opportunities for speeding up the pace of innovation in development by finding ways to address present and future challenges presented by the energy transition.

The main goal of this particular live, in-person coding event, is to show the ability to transport data generated in a simulator through OSGP middleware and Kafka, and display it in a substation diagram, perform basic analytics and generate an alert on deviation. In these three days, the scenario will be based on a single location and will use fictional data. The use cases are:

  • Gather data from 2 transformers using the 61850 protocol (Active power and Oil temperature)
  • Display a real time view of the substation hosting the 2 transformers.
  • Analysis of the thermal behavior of the transformers
  • Alert through OperatorFabric in case of thermal deviation, and highlighting in the substation view of the defective transformer.

The European power grid companies are all making active investments in open source development. Based on open source and a permissive reuse license, RTE, TenneT and Alliander are starting a number of projects such as asset monitoring (data driven network management) and the Digital Substation project. The open source innovations aim to foster international cooperation for power grid companies through transparent cooperation. The projects are hosted by LF Energy.