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By | September 14, 2022

LF Energy Foundation member and maintainer survey results – June 2022

The LF Energy Foundation aims to serve open source in the energy industry by providing a vendor-neutral and sustainable home for open source projects and communities to collaborate and innovate. As part of our ongoing process to ensure the LF Energy Foundation staff and foundation leadership are serving the projects and communities well, we conduct semi-annual surveys in June and December. These surveys aim to assess the satisfaction and support of our projects and members and identify areas for improvement.

You can check out the raw data at Here are some of the key insights from that data.

  • ~90% of members and projects are satisfied with their experience ( TAC, staff, marketing, membership benefits )
  • Companies overwhelmingly are looking to increase open source participation and bring internal projects to open source, but are blocked by internal support primarily and tooling secondarily.
    • 75% of member companies have a central manager/coordinator for open source strategy
    • 83% of member companies have seen the internal perception of open source participation as positive
  • Members and projects would like to participate in more outreach content, particularly podcasts and videos

We look forward to conducting future surveys of our members and maintainers and sharing those with the broad community.