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By | October 9, 2023

LF Energy Discusses Progress in Accelerating Decarbonization at LF Europe Member Summit

Linux Foundation Energy (LF Energy) has been making waves in the energy sector with our open source approach to tackling the urgent challenge of decarbonization. At the recent Linux Foundation Europe Member Summit in Bilbao, Spain, Lucian Balea of RTE, chair of the LF Energy governing board, presented a comprehensive update on LF Energy’s progress over the past year (video follows below, with Lucian’s section beginning at 13:00). Let’s delve into the key points from his session.

A Young Initiative with Strong Roots

LF Energy, launched in 2019, is a relatively young initiative with deep European roots. It received early strategic support from European utilities, RTE and Aliander, demonstrating a strong commitment to driving change in the energy sector.

The Purpose: Accelerating Decarbonization

LF Energy’s primary mission is clear: to develop innovative technologies, encompassing both software and standards, that expedite the decarbonization of energy systems. In a world grappling with the consequences of climate change, LF Energy recognizes that open source is a critical tool for confronting this challenge.

Balea emphasized that no single entity can tackle the climate crisis alone. The urgency of the situation demands a collaborative effort involving a diverse range of stakeholders, from energy utilities to technology companies, startups, research institutions, and government agencies.

A Flourishing Ecosystem

LF Energy has successfully cultivated a vibrant ecosystem of over 70 members. This diverse group spans the energy sector and beyond, contributing to the initiative’s growth and impact. Additionally, the “LF Energy Landscape” catalogs over 1,300 open source projects dedicated to addressing sustainability. While LF Energy hosts 25 of these projects, the larger ecosystem reflects a growing global interest in leveraging open source for sustainability.

Impressive Growth Metrics

The past year has witnessed substantial growth within LF Energy. Contributor numbers surged by 23%, with 1,600 developers actively participating in projects. Additionally, commits and lines of code added each month increased by 15% and 8%, respectively. While these metrics demonstrate progress, the urgency of the climate crisis compels the initiative to aim even higher.

Research and Advocacy

LF Energy is not just about projects, it’s also involved in research and advocacy. The initiative has published several reports, including the 2023 Energy Transformation Readiness Study, which provides insights into digitalization and open source in the energy sector. LF Energy actively engages with regulatory bodies to advocate for open-source solutions in energy policies.

Looking Ahead: More Members, Projects, and Developers

The session concluded with a call to action. LF Energy is on an exciting trajectory, but the work is far from over. To accelerate its impact and meet the pressing challenges ahead, the initiative seeks more members, projects, and developers to join its mission.

LF Energy’s progress over the past year is a testament to the power of open source and collaborative efforts in addressing one of the world’s most pressing issues: climate change. As the energy sector faces increasing demands for decarbonization, LF Energy stands as a beacon of hope, bringing together a global community dedicated to making a sustainable future a reality.