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By | March 4, 2024

LF Energy and CRESYM Partner to Enhance Digitalization of Energy Systems Through Open Source

Linux Foundation Energy (LF Energy), the open source foundation focused on harnessing the power of collaborative software and hardware technologies to decarbonize our energy systems, is joining forces with CRESYM to accelerate and support the development of open source technologies to enhance the digitalization of energy systems. CRESYM is a non-profit association, gathering industrial and academic research organizations and aiming at solving the coming challenges for the future, fast-evolving European energy system. 

CRESYM joined LF Energy as an Associate Member in 2023. The two organizations have decided to build on and expand that relationship with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) intended to increase collaboration to support open source projects within the energy sector. 

The partnership will build on the strengths of both organizations. CRESYM will continue to focus on the creation of new, innovative research projects to drive digital transformation in the energy sector. LF Energy’s expertise lies in its knowledge and expertise in building sustainable open source projects and communities to support them. LF Energy is now the preferred organization for hosting CRESYM’s research projects when they reach an appropriate stage to enhance their technology readiness levels further and develop them as open source tools. 

LF Energy’s Technical Advisory Council (TAC) will consider accepting relevant projects into the foundation, and when accepted they will receive the full support of LF Energy’s board, TAC, and staff to ensure they are maintained over the long term. This structure enables CRESYM to continue to focus on research and development while providing their research communities with a new resource for maintenance and support after initial development. 

This partnership will also enable LF Energy member organizations to have access to CRESYM’s expertise, and propose new research projects. LF Energy will promote CRESYM’s research roadmap to members to foster synergies, trigger new research projects of CRESYM, and invite members to join a yet-to-be-finalized project agreement. LF Energy will also promote CRESYM for any of the LFE’s hosted projects seeking funding or requiring to contract specific resources.

“CRESYM is doing some amazing work in developing innovative technologies to speed the energy transition, and we are proud to partner with them to ensure that work has the widest impact possible,” said LF Energy Executive Director Alex Thornton. “This is an ideal partnership, leveraging CRESYM’s expertise in research and LF Energy’s expertise in building long-lasting, sustainable open source communities. We look forward to many new solutions for transforming energy systems to emerge from this partnership.”

“LF Energy nicely complements our own structure, providing the ideal framework for CRESYM’s research results to become reliable, well maintained, open source projects providing the industrial solutions that our members need,” said CRESYM General Manager Sébastien Lepy.