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By | November 17, 2022

Join the Energy Devroom at FOSDEM 2023

A group of developers who contribute to LF Energy projects have applied and been accepted to host an Energy devroom at FOSDEM 2023 in Brussels! The devroom will take place on Saturday, 4 February. Due to the space limitations at FOSDEM, we will start the morning (10:30-14:30) with a virtual online devroom of pre-recorded talks. The afternoon (15:00-19:00) will be a physical devroom.

Proposals are being accepted for both virtual and physical presentations through 3 December. Presentations should be related to energy systems and energy usage. Straight up project presentations are welcome but tangible applications and use-cases are preferred, as are stories and lessons for community building in the energy industry. We foresee topics including scheduling energy consumption, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, metering and measuring systems, controlling microgrids, going off-grid and more. If you are unsure about what direction to take a topic, please reach out so we can assist you.

Talks should be aimed at a technical audience, but should not assume
that attendees are already familiar with your project or how it solves
a given problem. Talk proposals may cover very specific solutions to a
problem, or may be a higher level project overview for lesser known

Those interested may see more details and submit a proposal here.