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By | March 16, 2022August 2nd, 2023

How LF Energy’s Strategic Members RTE and Alliander Embraced Open Source to Speed Modernization of the Grid

Paving the Way to Battle Climate Change: How Two Utilities Embraced Open Source to Speed Modernization of the Electric Grid is a case study of how two large European distribution and transmission systems operators, the Netherlands’ Alliander and France’s RTE, adopted and contributed to three significant LF Energy projects, SEAPATH, CoMPAS, and OpenSTEF so that their electrical substations can become more modular, interoperable, and scalable, and alleviate the challenges associated with less predictable renewable energy sources. The study illustrates how the two firms learned that joining forces via open source collaboration enables them to develop more software solutions and do so up to ten times faster than if they worked on proprietary software solutions alone.