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By | October 31, 2021

World: LF Energy is ready and waiting for you

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 Author – Shuli Goodman

LF Energy’s approach to COP26 has been to go heads down and focus on creating the conditions for accelerating the energy transition. We want the world to know: we’re here and working together on a platform for collaboration.

We have built a taxonomy for power systems. We have agreed upon, as a community, how best to organize the functions and software stack to ensure decarbonization, electrification, e-mobility, and industrial transformation. We understand that every utility and system operator will create their own journey, because local conditions vary. With that said, there are enormous synergies that we can build on and leverage to go fast and to innovate at the speed that urgent challenges require.

What we will have in “Grid 2.0” will work better, produce less pollution, and provide a better foundation for global wealth, for generations.

Look at the diffusion story of the Linux Kernel. In 30 years, it went from existence in a dorm room to being the underlying operating system of the planet. The same possibilities exist for LF Energy.


We can take that DNA and embed it into power systems to transform into radical energy efficiency, where every electron counts. Energy is one of the most precious commodities we have.

When the world goes future-seeking and looks for the places to build the future, doing so in an open governance environment makes the most sense. We do not have enough money—or people— to build the future as fast as we need to without platforms of cooperation that will facilitate new levels of collaboration.

That’s our message to COP: When you’re ready, look our way, we are here. And, we’re building a developer community driven by utilities and vendors with an open source software portfolio that is growing in size and capacity.

We’re waiting for you.