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By | February 14, 2024

FOSDEM 2024 Recap & Video: Using FlexMeasures to Build a Climate Tech Startup in 15 Minutes

At a session in the FOSDEM 2024 Energy Devroom, Nicolas Höning of Seita, delivered a presentation titled “Using FlexMeasures to Build a Climate Tech Startup in 15 Minutes” (video follows below). In this session, Höning shared valuable insights into leveraging FlexMeasures, a platform designed for behind-the-meter optimization, to develop innovative climate tech solutions. Here are the key takeaways from his presentation:

Introduction to FlexMeasures

Höning introduced FlexMeasures as a powerful platform focused on optimizing energy usage behind the meter. He highlighted its capabilities in handling flexible assets such as charging batteries and hot water storage, emphasizing its relevance in addressing energy optimization challenges.

Application Scenarios

The presentation explored various application scenarios where FlexMeasures can be deployed. Höning discussed examples ranging from vehicle-to-grid implementations to industrial optimization, water sanitation, and smart heating. These use cases showcased the versatility of FlexMeasures in diverse energy management contexts.

Developer Perspective

Höning provided insights into the developer perspective of working with FlexMeasures. He discussed different approaches, including writing plugins, utilizing Python clients, leveraging command-line interfaces, and interacting with the API. These strategies empower developers to integrate FlexMeasures seamlessly into their projects.

Configuring Problems

A significant portion of the presentation focused on configuring problems for FlexMeasures. Höning elaborated on defining constraints, translating business rules into linear programs, and utilizing open-source solvers like Hive. This technical aspect underscores the platform’s flexibility and adaptability to specific energy optimization challenges.

Future Directions

Höning concluded by highlighting the vast potential for innovation in the energy sector with FlexMeasures. He encouraged attendees to explore opportunities for building climate tech startups and contributing to the platform’s development. Additionally, he shared resources such as project websites, documentation, and community forums for further engagement.

By harnessing its optimization features and developer-friendly interfaces, entrepreneurs and developers can drive impactful solutions for sustainable energy management. As the energy sector continues to evolve, FlexMeasures stands out as a key enabler of innovation and progress towards a greener future. Learn more about getting involved with FlexMeasures at