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By | February 28, 2023

FOSDEM 2023 Recap and Videos

FOSDEM took place Feb 4-5 in Brussels, and for the first time featured a dedicated Energy devroom. Organized by Nico Rikken of Alliander, Nicolas Höning of Seita Energy Flexibility, Kai-Uwe Hermann and Anna-Lina Helsen of PIONIX, and Dan Brown of LF Energy, the Energy devroom featured 17 different sessions covering topics relevant to open source and energy. The goal of this devroom was to introduce open source developers to the challenges of the energy transition and decarbonization, and demonstrate how they can help solve them. 

Half the sessions were broadcast online only, and the second half were conducted in-person at FOSDEM. Hundreds of viewers watched the online sessions, while the in-person devroom was filled to or beyond its 120 seat capacity, often with queues out the door. The organizers were thrilled to see such tremendous interest within the open source developer community to learn more about energy infrastructure and sustainability projects, and expect that the conversations arising from this devroom will lead to increased participation in the open source energy community. 

Videos are now available. They can be accessed by selecting the specific session on the Energy devroom page or from the links below. Photos can also be accessed here. The organizers hope to host another devroom at FOSDEM 2024, and more details will be forthcoming once planning begins.

Welcome to the online Energy DevroomNico Rikken
Energy policy by the European CommissionBrief overview of policies and opportunities for collaborationMark Van Stiphout
What the energy industry can learn from how open source technology has transformed other traditional industriesKate Stewart, Ranny Haiby, Ferdinanda Ponci, Gabriele Columbro
Challenges in Home Energy ManagementHow to best use your own PV-generated powerMarkus Storm
Obstacles to open source in building energy technologyAn analysis of the German research landscapeFelix Rehmann
EVerest: AC and DC electric vehicle charging with open source software and hardwareKai-Uwe Hermann
European EichrechtE-Mobility with Love & SecurityAchim Friedland
Presentation of the SEAPATH projectErwann Roussy
Green software engineeringBuilding tools and ecosystems around green software engineeringArne Tarara
Carbon Intensity Aware Scheduling in KubernetesParul Singh, Kaiyi Liu
Welcome to the on-campus Energy DevroomNico Rikken, Nicolas Höning, Kai-Uwe Hermann
V2GLiberty: The open stack that couldHow we enable EV owners to be ahead of the industry, with open source softwareNicolas Höning
OpenSTEF: Open Source energy predictionsFrederik Stoel
4 Years of Energy Management with openHABA personal story about smart homes, PV systems and EVs.Kai Kreuzer
Combatting Software-Driven Environmental Harm With Free SoftwareJoseph De Veaugh-Geiss
Getting to a fossil free internet by 2030A tour of the tech and policy changes to get us thereChris Adams
Power profiling with the Firefox ProfilerFlorian Quèze
Update on open-source energy system modeling in the global south and including AfricaRobbie Morrison
Open data and open-source adoption in the energy sectorFilling the gaps with the open communityDavide Fioriti