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By | April 9, 2024

CitrineOS v1.1.0 Now Available, Adding Advanced Device Management and User Interface Support

LF Energy Citrine OS, open source charger network software for rapid OCPP 2.0.1 and NEVI compliant EV charge management, has released version 1.1.0, adding a variety of new features. This includes new support for Advanced Device Management and Advanced User Interface OCPP 2.0.1 certification profiles.

The new version is available now on the CitrineOS GitHub. Details of specific new features follow:

  1. Supports Advanced Device Management and Advanced User Interface OCPP 2.0.1 certification profiles
    a) Includes: Variable Monitoring messages, setting Display Messages, updating cost information
  2. Classes surrounding network connection have been refactored
    a) New ‘OcppRouter’ module supports apis like other modules: a PUT/GET for SystemConfig, and a CRUD for Subscriptions which allow 3rd parties to POST a callbackUrl to receive connection, close, onMessage, and/or sentMessage events, with the option of adding a regex filter for message-related events.
  3. Adds new database entities, and a new preseeded postgis docker image with the updated entites:
    a) OCPP entities: VariableMonitor, EventData, VariableMonitorStatus, MessageInfo
    b) Custom entities: Subscriptions, Tariff, Locations, ChargingStations
  4. Adds custom flows and extensions to Directus
    a) Message api flows have been added to ‘ChargingStations’ collection, creating buttons which streamline the processes of sending ocpp messages to chargers via CitrineOS’s message api
    b) A custom extension bundle was added in a new folder at root, DirectusExtensions; it provides a ‘true count’ display, an endpoint to receive CitrineOS Subscription callbacks, and a hook which subscribes to connection and close events for newly created Charging Stations
  5. Moves to an npm workspace @citrineos. CitrineOS dependencies will be pushed to the npm registry alongside releases from 1.1.0 on.

View the full release notes.