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By | February 8, 2024

Admiral Instruments Provides Squidstat Cycler to LF Energy Battery Data Alliance for Battery Testing

LF Energy is happy to announce that Admiral Instruments, a leading expert in precision electrochemical measurement equipment, has made a significant contribution to the Battery Data Alliance—an initiative under LF Energy dedicated to advancing the energy storage industry.

Admiral Instruments has generously provided their state-of-the-art Squidstat Cycler, a groundbreaking battery testing technology, to support our mission within the Battery Data Alliance. This contribution aligns perfectly with our commitment to drive innovation within the energy storage sector.

The Squidstat Cycler offers precise and comprehensive data collection capabilities, enabling researchers and engineers to gain deeper insights into battery performance and durability. With this advanced equipment, we are one step closer to creating a more sustainable and efficient energy future.

The Battery Data Alliance community wants to express their gratitude to Admiral Instruments for their dedication to advancing battery technology. Together, we are fostering collaboration and sharing critical battery data insights that will shape the future of energy storage solutions.

A demonstration video explaining how to use the tool follows below. For questions about the Squidstat cyclers, please use the Battery Data Alliance Discourse group.