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By | April 3, 2023

EVerest Project Graduates to Early Adoption; Releases Version 2023.3.0 of the EVerest-Core, With >50x Faster ISO Charging

The LF Energy EVerest project aims to create an entire ecosystem to transform mobility by building and operating the requisite infrastructure to ensure EV charging is interoperable and easily deployed. The EVerest community has released version 2023.3.0 of EVerest-Core, which is the project’s biggest release yet. In addition to providing a more than 50 times increase in ISO charging speeds, this new release features:

  • New test framework: HUGE set of detailed simulated charging sessions on every pull request.
  • A new energy manager, capable of BiDirectional DC and AC charging, load balancing and more to come.
  • ISO15118 Plug and Charge support. 
  • A new high level communication module of chargebyte: Pure C/C++ implementation of ISO15118-2 / DIN Spec 70121, field proven for years.
  • Generic Modbus powermeter support.
  • And additional bug fixes.

Thanks to its growing community and achievement of the Open Source Security Foundation Best Practices Silver Badge, EVerest has also been approved by the LF Energy Technical Advisory Committee to move into the Early Adoption phase. Early Adoption implies that an open source project is ready to focus on industry adoption and has completed the necessary steps for end users to be able to consider the project for future production deployments.

To learn more about the latest release, review the release notes and watch the March 2023 EVerest Technical Advisory Committee meeting recording.